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Bookkeeping + Accounting

Our Package

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* Our packaging have no extra charges - simple and straightforward.  If you pay upfront for the whole year, you get 20% off.

All our packages include:

Bookkeeping *
Bank reconciliation

Xero / Quickbooks subscription
Unaudited financial statements


* General bookkeeping services
i. Posting all bank transactions         ii. Posting all sales & purchases invoices


1. How we define a transaction?
    Every payment from a deposit into your bank account is counted as one transaction.

2. Need more transactions?
     Please talk to us for tailored pricing.

3. Need consolidation of accounts and bank files for payroll?
     Please talk to us for tailored pricing.


SCR - Signature Controller Registry

Keeping of Significant Controllers Register (SCR) 
New Requirements under the HK Companies Ordinance

To enhance transparency of corporate beneficial ownership in order to fulfil Hong Kong's international obligations, the Companies (Amendment) Ordinance 2018 ( " the Amendment Ordinance") introduces new requirements on the keeping of significant controllers registers by companies. The Amendment Ordinance will come into operation on 1 March 2018. 

Keeping of Significant Controllers Register

SMsr_sign quo2.png

Taxation Services

Do u know the tax obligation of the taxpayer of the IRO?

If fail to comply, the taxpayer mat be liable to penalty or even imprisonment.


It is a rule of law that ignorance of law is not an excuse for not observing the law. There are some conditions set out in the Inland Revenue Ordinance (IRO) that a taxpayer has to observe and comply with.



It is charged on every person being the owner of any land or/and buildings wherever situate in Hong Kong

Rental Income


Understand the taxpayer’s rightand
procedures for the below:


The tax liability arises when a person carries on a trade, a profession or a business in Hong Kong


It is charged on three sources of income:

Employment income

Income from office

Income from pension

Change of address

Objections & Appeal

Holdover of payment of provisional tax

Revision / correction of errors


Trading / business profit

Sub-letting income

Income from pension


Obligation of a Taxpayer

Section 51 imposes:

1. To complete tax returns issued by an assessor within the time stated in the return
2. To notify the chargeability of tax ……..
3. To reply the enquiries raised by an assessor in respect of the returns…..
4. To notify the cessation of income….
5. To notify he departure from Hong Kong for more than 1 month….
6. To inform in writing of the change of address….
7. To keep records of business incomes for 7 years….
8. To keep records of income from properties for 7 years…..

Obligation of an Employer

Section 52 imposes:

1. To furnish employer’s returns 
2. To notify the commencement of employment of employees….
3. To notify the cessation of employment of employees…..
4. To notify the departure of employees leaving Hong Kong for a period of more than 1 month….
5. To withhold payment of money to employee who is to leave Hong Kong for more than 1 month….

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