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Quickbooks & Xero Set-up Training

We are the Certified ProAdvisor of Quickbooks Online and the Certified Advisor of Xero.

We can provide the General & Personalized training to your company to fit your specific requirement on the operational business. We focus not only on accounting, we care also on your business operation flow.

So, please call us for the booking. 

Our Services Package can Include:

On-site general basic training 
On-site small groups (3-5 people) training 
General user manual
Personalized set-up user manual 
Post-training telephone support
Post-training on-site support
One-to-one intensive training
On-site general advance training

Accounting Software Tuning & Clean Up

Are you having problems organizing your bookkeeping systems because of inefficient methods?

Are you facing the problems at organizing the financial information after subscribing Quickbooks / Xero?

Are your employees having a hard time organizing your books when they use QuickBooks?

Can't keep up with the influx of financial reports and records coming your way?


DTC can help clean up or tune-up your Quickbooks / Xero software in order to let you can continue working with the software without the hassle.

Please call us and learn more about our “Clearup services” and understand how we can help you to regain the control on your bookkeeping and get back to run your business.

Why Do You Need a Quickbooks / Xero Cleanup Services?

Accounting is intricate and complex. Even using Quickbooks or Xero on bookkeeping, records and reports can still pile up and swamp your bookkeeping system. It will make the decision-making process harder for your business as you cannot have the full picture of what’s happening in your business.

DTC offers the “Cleanup services” to help you handle and organize your books. 
We will also assist you in sorting out documents and financial reports and teach you how to maximize your use of QuickBooks / Xero.
Once you no longer have to worry about your records, you will be able to make smart and data-driven decisions for your business.


Our Cleanup Services Include:

Reviewing your business’ transactions for the year
Cleaning up and sorting entries
Customizing reports to make them more comprehensive
Balancing the general ledger to subsidiary reports
Providing personalized training for your employees

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